The Seventh International Conference on Women in Physics

At the 1999 IUPAP General Assembly, the concern was raised that women are greatly under-represented in the field of physics in most countries. Recognizing that all fields of science progress most rapidly when they draw from the complete available pool of talented people, the participants of the General Assembly passed a resolution to form an IUPAP Working Group on Women in Physics.

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Purpose of the Conference

IUPAP has recognized a particular need to foster the participation of women in physics. The IUPAP Conferences series on Women in Physics, organized by IUPAP Working Group 5, has a history not only of success and growth but also of making a difference in the physics community. The conference will be held in July 2020 at the University of Melbourne, organized in partnership with the Australian Institute of Physics (IOP) and all Australian Physics Departments, Australian Research Council Centers of Excellences, ANSTO, DST Group, CSIRO,NMI, the Australian Academy of Science and Academy of Technology and Engineering. Many of these organizations have been awarded or are working towards being awarded Bronze SAGE awards for their commitment to promoting diversity. They all look forward to being fully involved in the conference. Australia has a long track record in the area of gender equality in science. The conference is unusual in that it relies on Country Teams of limited size, selected through Physical Societies in each country. It is important that developing countries and island states are given a major voice in this way.

This conference also plans to assist in the development of deeper research collaborations by setting up links between relevant researchers visiting from overseas and based in Australia. The aim is to create an enduring legacy of new science that will result from this initiative.

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Gender Bias in Physics Forum:
"The Gender Bias in Physics Forum is a space where women and people who are gender and sexual minorities can share experiences of gender and sexuality bias in physics, find resources, and report responses to bias."