2nd International Conference on Women in Physics:  U.S. Delegation

The Second International Conference on Women in Physics

The Second ICWIP 2005      Conference Proceedings      U.S. Delegation

The Second IUPAP International Confernce on Women in Physics (ICWIP) was held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in May of 2005. The main purpose of this conference was to analyze the progress that has been made since the First International Conference, to share the best practices implemented throughout the world in recruiting and retaining women in physics. In addition, the Second IUPAP ICWIP served as an opportunity for international women in physics to share their scientific work thereby allowing for creation of new and further development of the previous international collaborations.

The 19-member U.S. Delegation brought back a number of important messages and set off to follow the Conference resolutions while also disseminating the knowledge gained while in Brazil. The membership of the U.S. delegation and its follow-up work are further described on the U.S. Delegation website.
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